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CCentralResources Class Reference

#include <CCentralResources.h>

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Detailed Description

resource object for easy access to all GUI and data components

Definition at line 48 of file CCentralResources.h.

Public Slots

void slotCancel ()


void sigProxyChanged ()

Public Member Functions

CCanvas & canvas ()
 get access to current canvas object
 CCentralResources (CMainWindow &parent)
void convertHeight (QString &val)
 convert a height value as string into the correct system and add unit
Garmin::IDevicedevice ()
 get access to current device driver
const QString distance2str (double distance)
bool doMetric ()
 test for metric or imperial system settings
void download ()
 global download of GPS data
CFunctionStateMachine & fsm ()
 get access to function statemachine
bool getHttpProxy (QString &url, quint16 &port)
 get HTTP proxy settings
const QFont & getMapFont ()
 get the map's font
uint32_t getUTCOffset ()
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)
 handle key events from CMainWidget
CGarminLiveLog & livelog ()
 get access to current live log handler
CGarminDBMap & mapdb ()
 get access to current map data base
void openLink (const QString &link)
 open a link in an external browser
void resetDevice ()
 reset current device driver.
CGarminDBRouteroutedb ()
 get access to current route data base
void setCurrentToolBoxWidget (QWidget *w)
 select widget in the lefthand toolbox tabwidget
void setUTCOffset (int offset, int fract)
 set time offset to UTC in multiples of hours
CGarminDBTrack & trackdb ()
 get access to current track data base
void upload ()
 global upload of GPS data
CGarminDBWpt & wptdb ()
 get access to current waypoint data base

Protected Types

enum  bowser_e { eFirefox = 0, eKonqueror = 1, eOther = 2 }

Protected Attributes

QString altPluginPath
 alternative plugin path set by environment variable
QString cmdFirefox
 command string to start Firefox
QString cmdKonqueror
 command string to start Konqueror
QString cmdOther
 user defined command string
dlgdata_t dlgData
bool doDriverNag
 set true to show legal notice nag screen befor accessing a device
bool downloadMap
bool downloadTrk
bool downloadWpt
QString m_DeviceName
 the device string to find device driver
bool m_doMetric
 true for metric system, false for imperial
bowser_e m_eBrowser
 the installed browser type
QString m_httpProxy
 the proxy name or address
quint16 m_httpProxyPort
 the proxy port
QFont m_mapfont
 font used by the map
qint32 m_offsetUTC
 offset to UTC in multiples of hours
qint32 m_offsetUTCfract
 offset to UTC fractional part
CCanvas * m_pCanvas
 the canvas widget to display the map
CFunctionStateMachine * m_pFSM
 statemachine and widget to handle F-key input
CGarminLiveLog * m_pLiveLog
 control real time position data from the GPSr
CGarminDBMap * m_pMapDB
 keep track of all registered maps and the current displayed map
 manage all distance measurement and route data
CGarminDBTrack * m_pTrackDB
 manage all track data
CGarminDBWpt * m_pWptDB
 manage all waypoints
bool m_useHttpProxy
 use proxy for http requests
CMainWindow & main
QString serialPort
 serial port string
uint32_t time_offset
 this offset is needed to correct time in seconds until Dec. 30th, 1989 12:00 to POSIX standard
bool uploadMap
bool uploadRte
bool uploadWpt


class CDlgConfig
class CDlgDevice
class CDlgDeviceNag
void GUICallback (int progress, int *ok, int *cancel, const char *title, const char *msg, void *self)


struct  dlgdata_t

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