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Garmin::CUSB Class Reference

#include <CUSB.h>

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Detailed Description

Garmin's USB protocol.

This should be kept common to all USB devices. However if your device does not fit into the protocol implementation at all, subclass it and make your fixes.

Definition at line 53 of file CUSB.h.

Public Member Functions

bool bulkReadActive ()
void close ()
 see ILink::close()
void close2 ()
uint16_t getDataType (int data_no, char tag, uint16_t protocol)
const uint16_t getProductId ()
const std::string & getProductString ()
const int16_t getSoftwareVersion ()
void open ()
 see ILink::open()
int read (Packet_t &data)
 see ILink::read()
virtual void syncup ()
 sync. up sequence
void write (const Packet_t &data)
 see ILink::write()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void debug (const char *mark, const Garmin::Packet_t &data)
virtual void start (struct usb_device *dev)

Protected Attributes

struct usb_bus * busses
 pointer to all bus definitions
bool doBulkRead
 switch between interrupt or bulk endpoint during receive
int epBulkIn
int epBulkOut
int epIntrIn
int interface
int max_tx_size
uint16_t productId
std::string productString
Protocol_Data_t protocolArray [GUSB_PAYLOAD_SIZE]
uint32_t protocolArraySize
int16_t softwareVersion
struct usb_dev_handle * udev

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