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Garmin::IDeviceDefault Class Reference

#include <IDeviceDefault.h>

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Detailed Description

default implementation of a device driver

Please refer to IDevice for documentation on the public interface. The default implementation of all methods is to throw an exception, to signal that a real implementation is missing. If your device lacks a ceratin feature simply do not implement the corresponding '_' method.

Definition at line 38 of file IDeviceDefault.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void downloadTracks (std::list< Garmin::Track_t > &tracks)
 see IDevice::downloadTracks()
virtual void downloadWaypoints (std::list< Garmin::Wpt_t > &waypoints)
 see IDevice::downloadWaypoints()
virtual const std::string & getCopyright ()
 see IDevice::getCopyright()
virtual void getDevProperties (Garmin::DevProperties_t &dev_properties)
 see IDevice::getDevProperties()
virtual const std::string & getLastError ()
 see IDevice::getLastError()
virtual void getRealTimePos (Garmin::Pvt_t &pvt)
 see IDevice::getRealTimePos()
virtual void queryMap (std::list< Map_t > &maps)
 see IDevice::queryMap()
virtual void screenshot (char *&clrtbl, char *&data, int &width, int &height)
 see IDevice::screenshot()
void setGuiCallback (void(*func)(int, int *, int *, const char *, const char *, void *), void *p)
 setup gui callback for user interaction
virtual void setPort (const char *p)
 see IDevice::setPort()
virtual void setRealTimeMode (bool on)
 see IDevice::setRealTimeMode()
virtual void uploadCustomIcons (std::list< Garmin::Icon_t > &icons)
 see IDevice::uploadCustomIcons()
virtual void uploadMap (const uint8_t *mapdata, uint32_t size, const char *key)
 see IDevice::uploadMap()
virtual void uploadRoutes (std::list< Garmin::Route_t > &routes)
 see IDevice::uploadRoutes()
virtual void uploadWaypoints (std::list< Garmin::Wpt_t > &waypoints)
 see IDevice::uploadWaypoints()

Public Attributes

pthread_mutex_t mutex
 device interface access mutex

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _acquire ()=0
virtual void _downloadTracks (std::list< Garmin::Track_t > &tracks)
virtual void _downloadWaypoints (std::list< Garmin::Wpt_t > &waypoints)
virtual void _getDevProperties (Garmin::DevProperties_t &dev_properties)
virtual void _getRealTimePos (Garmin::Pvt_t &pvt)
virtual void _queryMap (std::list< Map_t > &maps)
virtual void _release ()=0
virtual void _screenshot (char *&clrtbl, char *&data, int &width, int &height)
virtual void _setRealTimeMode (bool on)
virtual void _uploadCustomIcons (std::list< Garmin::Icon_t > &icons)
virtual void _uploadMap (const uint8_t *mapdata, uint32_t size, const char *key)
virtual void _uploadRoutes (std::list< Garmin::Route_t > &routes)
virtual void _uploadWaypoints (std::list< Garmin::Wpt_t > &waypoints)
void callback (int progress, int *ok, int *cancel, const char *title, const char *msg)

Protected Attributes

void(* _callback_ )(int, int *, int *, const char *, const char *, void *)
 see setGuiCallback()
void * _self_
 see setGuiCallback()
std::string copyright
 the copyright information
std::string lasterror
 error message of last error
std::string port
 serial port string
Garmin::DevProperties_t properties
 device properties

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